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Strange love

My son is in love, with a vampire, Malus and Chika loves them both. Love is growing. Our race is known to pair up at a young age so things are normal right now. Malus is already calm for the moment so things are alright now. Time will pass then things are going to happen but I know it will all work out,

Oh that was too good.

Oh did the mother of all pranks on Merii, Jayden, and Luke a few days ago. Rotom stopped by and was bored so I dared the three of them to stay at his place for a full night. They forgot he lived there. After that all heck broke loose over there. Too much happened to explain but thing went south when those three began to have "fun" and forced it across a link they forced into him. They didn't know the pain they were causing him because in all the time he's been alive has never been able to have a mate. They didn't find out till the next morning about Rotom's problem. All of them felt sorry for what thet did and Merii wanted to help me find Rotom a new mate. We found one, shes an old legendary named Govia. She has been out of touch for many years for one reasion or another but she is living with Rotom now. I warned them not to stay there again or they would have 2 tricksters after them then but who says there safe here...  (Snickers)


Shes gone! Some kind of dark core in the house are her! I could have saved her, I wanted to but Shorako took control over me and made me leave, I had to watch as the core ate her. I could have, I wanted to save her but that stupid lizard got in the way! Shes gone, I can't feel her life force at all.

Whats that?! No get out of my head!?

That blasted door again...

That stupid ghost door appeared in the forest again. Jade and Sabera found it. I figured I would just shatter the mirrors, yea... the mirrors were gone and there was a blasted mansion in it's place. Were going to get to the bottom of this. There is something evil in that house or I am an Eevee.

It's insane

Things have happened, way too many to count. There is a new baby and we found out we can turn metal into flesh and bone. Merii went away for a while but is back now and Anami's demon form came back, Goruden destroies her body so I am making her a new one. Leon is in one heck of a mood right now and I know why, something bad is going to go down soon, something real bad.

An eventful day

It was a day of good and bad events. Priya and Sam started out the day. Unicron attacked Sam and Priya got inthe way and took a hit from a thunder orb. I helped her untill Latias got there then I set off after Unicron. Red was his next target. Vespera got to him before I could but Red was badly hurt. Devon was in an rage when I got to where everyone was and found Unicron stuck to a tree. I brough us all to the negative realm where we sealed away Unicron. Devon wanted to kill him so Shorako had to restrain her ad accidently cut her with one of his claws and she passed out from blood loss. He healed her ans restored her blood but he accidently accelerated the growth of her baby and set her into labor at the same time this was happening my son, Leon. His dragon spirit was revealed. Teleia is her name, Shorako's mate. She healed red in no time and Shorako Took Devon to the house and by some strange set of events he managed to get everything for Devon's child being born ready by the time we all got bak. Leon went with his mate to see what was wrong with her, after that I don't know what happened. Then, a few hours later when I was asleep trying to recover my energy Priya went into labor while Latias was healing her. There were no problems from what she told me and Priya's baby boy was born. This is a day full of good and bad events. Unicron is sealed in the negative realm with a seal that will only fall if I die.

Another day in our house

Everyday something or another is going on. Mazey lost it today and tried to get Merii to kill her. From what I was told it didn't end up that way. We were on the way to help when a genesis attack pulled us away.  I am not going to go into details but neither of them died. Later that day Merii was worried about a lot of things so we let her go into the negative realm so she could think. Latias and I went to check on her and it ended up going south again. Thats when I found out the whole story and it explained why she was acting the way she was. Latias got anami and after a couple hours she came back with Merii who was passed out.  I filled Jayden and Luke in on what happened and she just went and rested for a few house. After that we were all going to go to church but guess who decided to show their ugly heads again, yep you guessed it, Genesis. By the time we got back it was already over.  Stinking genesis makes us miss everything, I am going to be so happy when they are all gone.  sabrina is having lots of fun playing in the air vents now, she spends a lot of time running around in them. I don't think anyone knows a little secret we got yet, but nothing is set in stone, yet.

This is crazy

Things have been going crazy over the past few days with Melaina becoming a Latias and Latias having out daughter, Sabrina. Back in the crystal cave I said something that ended up upsetting Melaina and in the end up upsetting Vespera as well. I feel guility about that but it only has made their bond even stronger. Some bad news happened, for the first time in nearly 15 years I've had to bring the red dragon back. Priya got hit by a car, shes fine and is resting now. Goruden helped me heal her. We couldn't find the guy that hit here, I think it was the same one that killed Dezember. He's going to pay when I get ahold of him.

Melaina's transformation

Melaina kept a promise she made to me today. She felt it was time and she talked to Vespera about it and she decided she was ready to become a Latias. this was also the first time Vespera had seen us three acting like mates, she didn't seam to like it too much but I wouldn't worry about it too much she just need to get used to it is all. We did the transformation and she ended up being a shiny latias, that a golden colored one. first time she tried to fly she hit a tree. thats when we notice she was a golden Latias she fliped a little when she found out. Shes getting pretty good at flying now and we are going to take a trip to Alto Mare, shes going to love it there.

Problem solved

Melaina has a new form, some kind of monster for or sormething that causes problems during the new moon.  I won't go into details but Melaina wanted Latias to hold onto her baby untill the whole thing was resolved. I won't go into details but Latias and I sealed the thing away with a new seal so it won't cause any more problems we think. Melaina is alright now that it's all said and done. Latias said it was a bit of a tight fit since she has that egg growing inside here now but it all worked out alright. I can't wait to see weather our child is a boy or girl. We really do need to start thinking of names soon, after all Latias only has a couple weeks left before she lays it. No one will know untill we want you all to, which will be proble as soon as she lays it.